• Jonathan Phillips posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    An email that i sent to Mark Conroy regarding the 2021 World cruise, his reply:

    We are still planning to operate the World Cruise but it is highly likely we will be forced to modify the schedule unless Australia and New Zealand relent on their travel ban.

    If that does not happen the ship itinerary will stay the same until Roratonga and then turn west through the Pacific Islands and Indonesia back on schedule via Taiwan. We are working on the schedule and should have something in a week or so.

    We have pushed the penalties back until September 1st and final payment until September 6th and we will probably extend it to October or maybe even into the 1st of November.

    I suggest you ask your guests to hang in with us since they have already blocked out the time.

    The bottom line is we will operate the cruise if we are confident we can keep the guest and crew safe from the time they leave home until they return.